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In every woman’s breast cancer journey, there is an identity shift. Shaped by the physical impact of treatment as well as the mental and emotional impact of their cumulative experience, women begin to redefine themselves, incorporating the role of “patient” or “survivor” into their new sense of self. This is when it becomes critically important for them to find meaningful social engagement and support, and this is usually when they find ROW.

Here, they find an understanding community. They find a team for life, one where every other member has faced her own breast cancer journey. And, believe it or not, engagement in this kind of environment has been directly linked to improved quality of life and decreased risk of recurrence.

Your donations help ensure that this community stays alive.

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No dollar amount is too small, and every recurring gift is assurance that we can serve every woman who comes to us.

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Help One More Woman Find Her New Normal


Your recurring monthly, quarterly or annual gift ensures we are able to provide year-round fitness programming, support services, and community events for the women who come to ROW seeking their new normal. Because life after a breast cancer diagnosis is never the same, and the battle never truly ends.

But by empowering women to get fit, fight back, and surround themselves with those who know their challenges, they can begin to reclaim their sense of self and live their new life to its fullest.


What Will Your Gift Provide?

ROW is committed to providing free, year-round programming for any breast cancer patient or survivor who may need us. To do so, we rely on donors like you to cover all program expenses, including:

  • Motorboat for Coaches

  • Fuel for Motorboats

  • Coaching Fees

  • Cox Boxes

  • Towing Equipment 

  • Rowing Shells

  • Indoor Ergs

  • Oars

  • Boat Repairs

  • Insurance

  • Water Safety Kits


Donations 100 percent tax-deductible, and tax letters are provided at the end of the calendar year.

If you would prefer to make a donation by check please make your check out to Recovery on Water and send it to:

Recovery on Water
1200 West 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609