Bubbly Creek Presentation by the University of Chicago Abrams Environmental Law Clinic

  • Recovery on Water's Offices 1200 W 35th St Chicago, IL, 60609 United States

The University of Chicago Environmental Law Clinic took on a pro bono project for ROW to investigate why the south branch and bubbly creek is so dirty and how we can best be advocates for the river and bubbly creek.

In December they shared their impressive presentation with us. We learned a lot about the river (specifically the south branch), about the businesses surrounding our site and active litigation and advocacy work. Along with learning about the river- we had the opportunity to hear about a handful of ways we can best work to keep it clean through current litigation, research and city agencies to keep accountable. 

We've invited the law students to present this information to the ROW team, all south side rowing teams and guests on Monday, February 23, 6:30 pm at ROW Headquarters, 1200 W. 35th St, Chicago IL 60609. 


Please RSVP by emailing info@recoveryonwater.org or calling 312.505.3568