Recovery on Water welcomes all survivors of breast cancer to join our team. 

No rowing experience required.

All ages, all stages or treatment and recovery.

We are a community that promotes exercise and support. 

Joining row

While the sport is both technically and physically challenging, rowing is also accessible, safe and fun. Many of the survivors we serve consider ROW® the silver lining of their breast cancer diagnosis. By joining ROW you get to join a great team of women that support each other while they get fit, fight back, and have fun.

Monthly ROWPen Houses

In the months of January, February, March, April, August, September & October we host a ROWpen House for new patients and survivors to join our program. 

Upcoming ROWpen House Details

Current Practice Schedule: 

All athletes on the ROW team have the opportunity to workout 7 days a week with ROW, indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Schedule (November thru April)

The entire team is indoors now for the colder months. The following is the schedule we are following. If you'd like to attend a practice we recommend starting with a practice at ROW Headquarters. Please let us know if you are interested in joining us for a workout.

Monday mornings, 7 am @ Bluprint Fitness

Monday nights, 5:30pm & 6:30pm @ ROW Headquarters

Tuesday nights Community Classes, 5:30pm and 6:30pm @ ROW Headquarters

Tuesday nights, 6:30pm @ Northshore Fitness Studio

Wednesday mornings, 7 am @ Bluprint Fitness

Wednesday nights, 5:30pm & 6:30pm @ ROW Headquarters

Thursday nights Community Classes, 5:30pm and 6:30pm @ ROW Headquarters

Friday mornings, 7 am @ Bluprint Fitness

Saturday mornings, 8:30 am @ Northshore Fitness Studio

Sunday mornings, 9am @ ROW Headquarters

**Please note that the Community Classes are open to everyone in the community and operate on a first come, first served basis. Survivors and non-survivors alike are welcomed to the class**

Outdoor Schedule (May thru October)

We are currently indoors for the colder months but during this past outdoor season we followed the following schedule for practices on the water:

Monday evenings, 6pm, Masters practice @ the ROWing site

Tuesday evenings, 6pm, Novice practice @ the ROWing site

Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm, Sculling with ARC @ the Dammrich Rowing Center

Wednesday evenings, 6pm, Masters practice @ the ROWing site

Thursday evenings, 6pm, Novice practice @ the ROWing site

Sunday mornings, 8:30am, Masters & Novice practice @ the ROWing site

Addresses and details for these practices

ROW Headquarters is located at inside Eleanor Boathouse at 2828 S. Eleanor St, Chicago IL. Please email us prior to your first visit to ROW Headquarters, we want to make sure we know the first time you're coming to ROW.

Bluprint Fitness is located at 1828 W Hubbard St, Chicago IL. If you would like to attend a workout here please email us beforehand so we know to expect you.

Alliance Rowing Club (ARC) is a partner program we work with twice a week. Indoor ARC practice will take place at Northshore Fitness, located at 905 Ridge Road, Wilmette, IL. 

Please try and attend as many indoor workouts as you can! This will help you learn the rowing stroke,  build muscle memory, and meet new survivors from all the squads. 

If you need a ride to practice or transportation is an issue- please let us know. Based on where you're coming from, we may be able to arrange a carpool for you to join. 

Next Steps:

1. Come to a practice! Email Coach Devlin today to learn about the best practice to attend first. 

2. Enjoyed your first couple of workouts? Fill out our online membership form to officially join ROW and we can contact you about getting started. 

3. Call or email us with any questions or concerns. Want to learn more before you submit your information? Visit our FAQ page here,  contact us, come to one of the next ROWpen Houses, contact us!

Devlin Murdock
Operations & Programs Coordinator
Recovery on Water
(203) 610-0246

Jenn Gibbons
Executive Director
Recovery on Water
(312) 505-3568