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The schedule of events listed below is the final schedule for race day. Times have changed slightly from the tentative schedule posted earlier based on the total number of entries we received for each event.

The individual 2K events and the Relay events will not have any semifinals or finals, the winners will be determined by time. Both the Stationary 2x and the Slider 2x events are bracket format with competitors racing 1,000 meters head to head, the winner moving on the the next round. The number of rounds will be determined by the number of entries with the cap being set at 16 entries ("boats") per category for a maximum of four rounds. Heat and lane assignments will be handed out to competitors at race day registration. Registration will open at 7 AM.

As with any race, scratches and no-shows may have an effect on the actual schedule of events. Please arrive at the race venue at least one (1) hour prior to your first race time. All competitors will have a minimum of 10 minutes to warm up on the erg that they will be racing on before the start of their race.

The start time of each event is as follows:

Men's Open 2K

Heat 1: 8:00am
Heat 2: 8:10am

Men's Junior 2K

Heat 1: 8:20am
Heat 2: 8:30am
Heat 3: 8:40am

Women's Open 2K

Heat 1: 8:55am
Heat 2: 9:05am

Women's Jr. 2K

Heat 1: 9:15am
Heat 2: 9:25am

Men's Jr. Stationary 2x

Heat 1: 9:45am
Semis: 9:53am
Final: 10:01am

Men's Open Stationary 2x

Semis: 9:49am
Final: 9:57am

Women's Open Stationary 2x

Heat 1: 10:30am
Semis: 10:38am
Final: 10:46am

Women's Jr. Stationary 2x

Semis: 10:34am
Final: 10:42am

Men's Open 2,500m Relay

Final: 11:00am

Women's Open 2,500m Relay

Final: 11:20am

Men's Open Slider 2x

Heat 1: 11:45am
Semis: 11:53am
Final: 12:01pm

Women's Open Slider 2x

Heat 1: 12:25pm
Semis: 12:33pm
Finals: 12:41pm

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If you have any questions please email Devlin at devlin@recoveryonwater.org.