A new team takes ROW to new places.

Nearly a decade after Recovery on Water (ROW) was founded, we launched our first national affiliate in central Illinois. ROW Peoria is now a rapidly growing team, and they are demonstrating the impact that our programs can have in any welcoming community.

ROW Peoria members have either received a breast cancer diagnosis or they carry a high-risk gene mutation like BRCA that increases their likelihood of eventually developing breast cancer. They are mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and business owners. Some have always been athletic, and others are still learning what it means to be an athlete. But they are all passionate community members and rowers, and they have a place for anyone who needs their support.

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Peoria Practice Schedule

  • Thursday nights, 6:00 pm

  • Saturday mornings, 8:00 am


Who’s Who in Peoria?

  • Kassie Williams,

  • Lindsay Vlaminck,
    Outreach Coordinator

  • Nikki Delinski,
    Head Coach

Watch ROW Peoria grow!

ROW Peoria needs your help to get their team on the water. With a list of necessities that includes rowing shells, oars, storage facilities, and certified coaching staff, they have a goal to raise $100,000. Help them bring the ROW mission fully to life, and bring water rowing to their local crew!

Stay in the Know!

Follow ROW Peoria on Facebook and Instagram. The team regularly hosts exciting events, which have previously included pilates classes, brewery parties, and barbecues, and most are open to the public! Don’t miss your next opportunity to meet their team and support their cause.