Power10 Summer Camp


It’s a New Kind of Summer Camp

Every summer, Recovery on Water (ROW) invites breast cancer patients and survivors from across the country to become a part of our community. For four days, we challenge them to find new athletic prowess and, at the same time, reinvigorate their sense of self by aligning with others who have shared their breast cancer journey.

Why Power10?

In rowing, there comes a moment in every race when it seems too hard to continue. Crews and coxswains alike recognize this moment when it arrives, and it is then that they will call for a “power ten,” which is ten dedicated hard pulls meant to pick up the boat’s pace and carry it forward. Calling for a power ten is an appeal to every athletes’ commitment to their boat, their coaches, their teammates and, most importantly, themselves.

Our Power10 Camp is an appeal to every woman who has been given a breast cancer diagnosis; we petition them to find a new sense of commitment to and love for themselves, their body, and their fellow survivors. The mission is simply to create a sense of community, help people gain much-needed support, and empower participants to reclaim their bodies after diagnosis.



Who’s Coming to Camp?

Power10 Camp is open to any woman who has received a breast cancer diagnosis, regardless of age, athletic background, or treatment history. We set up camp at Fountain Point Resort in northern Michigan, and spend four days training, studying, and bonding over good food, beautiful views and shared effort.

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