Meet Tina Turner

Copy of Tina Turner

Diagnosis: Breast cancer at 26 years old; rediagnosis at 38

Treatment: First time, lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. Second time, double mastectomy and chemo

Currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer? No

Did you have a regular exercise regimen before joining ROW? Yes

When did you join ROW? August, 2013

Thoughts from Tina: “I joined ROW because it’s something different in terms of the mental and physical challenge it poses, as well as the allure of rowing being a traditionally pristine/uncommon sport for a female to be involved in.

I had also always been attracted to the classes at Rowfit, and when I finally called to find out about their upcoming rowing marathon training, I got connected to ROW. My reaction? “Eureka! I fit! I want in!”

I was excited because it involved something unique (actually rowing in the river) and something I always wanted to do (indoor rowing). It’s a great addition to my commitment to live a lifestyle of fitness.

The team has in many ways become a benchmark of success for life after cancer because I get to hear and be exposed to so many variations of moving forward. This is inspiring and challenging at the same time. I get to hear about ROWmates climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, jumping out of an airplane into Soldier Field, currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and continuing to show up for ROW with a smile, and getting excited about the opportunity to compete in regattas.

I enjoy how the team rallies around each other during indoor pieces, especially that last 500m pull...phew! I enjoy the push and coaching from all of the coaches. Being with the team challenges me to improve my conditioning so that I can ROW smarter (lower splits), not harder.

I also get to hear about how some of the women have redefined their beauty and are on a new journey of discovering and being comfortable with the new them/us. And there’s always a metaphorical carrot that inspires me to condition/improve, i.e. water season, indoor rowing competitions, racing season, and ROW Blue Camp.

Overall, ROW is a value add to my life in many ways. It engages new brain synapses and provides a mental challenge while also being fun. There’s always something that keeps me growin’ and rowin’ with ROW!”