Volunteer with ROW

ROW depends on the generosity of volunteers to help us with everything from practices to fundraising events and more. We try to match the strengths of our volunteers to the variety of opportunities that may be available throughout the year.


At practice

AS A ROWER: We always welcome volunteers who have rowing experience to help us out with practices. Certainly we may have odd numbers of athletes at a given practice and need a volunteer to help fill out a lineup, or way may need your muscles to help us carry boats to and from the dock. Many of our women have gone through procedures and treatments as a result of their diagnosis that prohibits them from being able to carry the heavy equipment we use at practice. To volunteer as a rower you must have at least one year of outdoor rowing experience. Unfortunately we can not train new rowers who are not on the team.

AS A COXSWAIN: That little person at the front/back of the boat who's yelling at everyone and keeping them safe? That's called a coxswain and traditionally they're recruited from within a rowing team because they are the smallest, loudest individuals there. However, because our mission is to get patients and survivors active and exercising we tend to look outside of the team for our coxswains. Whether you have experience with the sport or not, we are happy to work to train you as best we can and make you comfortable sitting in that seat, steering it down the river. We only ask that you make a regular commitment of at least four practices per month so that you get to know the team and vice versa.

AS BOTH: We love utility volunteers! If you can row and cox, then we will find a spot for you somewhere.


At events

Not into the whole rowing thing? No worries! ROW works to have a diverse funding portfolio and one of our major sources of income is our fundraising events. Though they range in the type of event (from a charity row on the GREEN river, a 100-mile bike ride over a weekend, or a celebratory gala) and time of year, we generally always need administrative-type volunteers before, during, and after these events have taken place.


HOW do i get involved?

Whether you want to be involved at practices or with our events, complete this VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM and we'll get in touch to find out more about where we can use your strengths.


Past Volunteer Experiences 

Volunteering for ROW was a fantastic experience for me. It allowed me to spend my summer outdoors and meet some very inspirational people, while also getting the opportunity to get back on the water while away from school. It felt like my time here was going to a good cause and I always left with a smile on my face. -Daniel
I was a ROW volunteer from the beginning; I started in 2008 with the founding of the team. It began as an opportunity to knock out some mandatory service hours, but soon thereafter I got sucked in. ROW allowed me to combine a core tenet of a Saint Ignatius education, serving your community, with the sport I loved. -Cameron

Interested in Volunteering?

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please email: volunteer@recoveryonwater.org.