Support our free programs for breast cancer patients and survivors, and help ensure that every woman who is faced with this disease has access to the full support she may need and absolutely deserves.  

Recovery on Water (ROW) is a 501c3 non profit organization. To date, our diverse pool of support has included grants, sponsorships and charitable donations, and every contribution helps us provide quality coaching, indoor facilities, and safe equipment for our team.

Rowing is a physically challenging and rewarding team sport, but it is also an expensive one, requiring a variety of resources just to ensure practice happens on a daily basis. Expenses include insurance, coaching fees, fuel for motorboats (used for coaching), and equipment like rowing shells, oars, safety kits, and cox boxes. Your donation could help cover a variety of costs, including:

  • Eight-Seat Rowing Shell: $40,000

  • Coaching Motorboat: $10,000

  • Indoor Rowing Machine (Erg): $1,000

  • Eight Sweep Oars: $3,000

  • Water Safety Kit: $250

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Support Our First National Affiliate!

ROW Peoria launched in 2018, and the new team is already thriving. If you would like to contribute specifically to this group and help them build the inventory they need to maintain a full practice schedule for their growing roster, click below!

Prefer to make your donation by check?

Please make checks payable to “Recovery on Water” and send to:

Recovery on Water
1200 West 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609

For questions about donating to or fundraising for ROW, please contact executive director Jenn Gibbons.