Recovery on Water


We are a rowing team for breast cancer survivors.


Harnessing the Power of Sport
Getting to Know ROW

Discover how our rowing team is providing the space for women with breast cancer to find their new sense of self and become active in their recovery.

Why Rowing for Breast Cancer?
How ROW Elevates Quality of Life

Meet our athletes, explore our programs and practice schedule, and learn more about rowing as an accessible sport that requires women to pull together—literally.

Navigating Life After Diagnosis
Your New Team is Waiting

You will never bow down to breast cancer, and your ROW team will never let you. Become a member, and find your place in our network of empowered women.


Help Us Support
One More Woman

Life after a breast cancer diagnosis is never the same, and the battle never truly ends. But ROW programs offer patients and survivors a safe place in which to find their new normal and reclaim their bodies. Join our Community Giving Club, and your gift will help those who need us live all of life to its fullest.


Stronger Together

ROW believes in the power of sport, and we value teamwork in every form. As shared by one of our current members, who joined us in 2014: “ROW gives us the opportunity to move forward in our lives with improved physical and psychological strength, while giving us the gift of each other in a team like no other. I am forever grateful.”


Elevate Your Brand With Philanthropy

Rowing is a costly sport, and offering free programs year round to anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis is a huge effort. This means we rely on a large network of generous donors and sponsors to fund our operations. We work with companies large and small, and we invite you to become our next supporter.